Why I Said "Yes" To a Boudoir Shoot (and Self-Love)

At the beginning of August, Kate Miller Photography, Holly Tipp Makeup, and Tapestry Event Company came together to create a quarterly boudoir photography workshop. Our intention for the workshop is to empower women to celebrate radical self-love and reinforce positive body image through self-celebratory photography sessions. We had a blast on our first shoot sipping coffee and laughing to old-school tunes, but beyond the surface, there was so much more going on. What is available from a boudoir workshop? Read what one of our participants had to say about her experience and see for yourself.

Photo courtesy of Kate Miller Photography .

Photo courtesy of Kate Miller Photography.

Why did you participate in the boudoir session? Did you have any preconceived notions or misgivings?: When Kate asked if I was interested, I jumped at the chance for this opportunity! I have always wanted to do a boudoir session, but especially in this last year. I lost 35 pounds and kept it off for a year, and left an abusive relationship that left me with deep emotional scars. Through lots of hard work and determination, I'm healthier and happier than ever and loved the idea of commemorating my growth and self-love that I worked so hard to achieve. A boudoir shoot seemed like the perfect way to celebrate my body as it is and to remember how much love and happiness I am blessed with even when times get tough. I definitely had some preconceived notions that they could be awkward or that I wouldn't look a certain way because of my body or tattoos, and I'm happy to say this wasn't my experience at all. The whole team made me look and feel amazing, and I didn't feel awkward at all during the entire day. I left feeling empowered and antsy to see the photos. The photographer helped a bunch with posing and choosing outfits out of my selections that fit the vibe. 

What did you expect from the boudoir session? Did the session meet your expectations? In what way(s)?: I didn't really know what to expect, whether I'd be mostly covered up or naked, and it was all about what I wanted! The session absolutely exceeded my expectations - I wish I could've done it all day! I never thought the time would pass by so quickly and that I would enjoy it as much as I did, and the photos were of beautiful quality. The coordinator helped tie up any loose odds and ends, and everything was so smooth and orderly.

Would you recommend a boudoir session to a friend? If so, why? If not, why not?: Abso-freakin-lutely! I would recommend a boudoir session for anyone who's looking for a good dose of self-empowerment and love, a beautiful gift for their partner, or even for a portfolio of different styles of modeling. It is the ultimate glamour experience to arrive and get your hair and makeup done, sip tasty coffee, and free yourself from societal expectations of perfection and womanhood. It felt amazing to be around other inspiring women, and to give myself a gift that I can continue to love with prints! My partner travels half the year for work, and I know that he'll love the photos, too.

Did you enjoy the event? How did the make-up artist, photographer, and/or event coordinator make you feel?: Safe, comfortable, and excited! The make-up artist asked me what I normally wear and listened to everything I told her about makeup (not too much heavy makeup, bit more eyeliner, etc). She was fun to chat with and efficient while still taking the extra effort with things like individual eyelashes to glam me up, curling my massive amount of hair into soft waves, and sticking to my neutral color palette. The event coordinator was fun, happy, and so helpful. She helped me with my outfits, confidence, and addressing any snafus along the way (bobby pins, zipping up my bra top, accessorizing with my jewelry, and more!). I truly feel that this group was a dream team of women to work with, and I'm feeling so fortunate to have gotten to have this experience with them.

Do you have any recommendations to improve the experience moving forward?: I really can't think of much - it was a convenient and gorgeous location, timing went great, friendly staff and I felt super comfortable. I think it would've been lovely to do some outdoor boudoir shots, maybe for a future shoot idea! I had the best time, and keep doing what all of you are doing - you're amazing at it!

We would love to meet and celebrate YOU! For details on our next boudoir session, visit our Events page! The next "Boudoir Workshop: Ain't No Body Like This Body" is September 22nd. Sign up soon while slots are still available!

Photograph courtesy of Kate Miller Photography.

Photograph courtesy of Kate Miller Photography.