We weave love into your life with events big and small, near and far.


Wilderwomen Retreats are a collaboration between Tapestry Event Co. and Wilderwoman Media. These retreats were born to celebrate what makes women wild and free in the Pacific Northwest. To see our retreats and other events, please visit our Events page.

Our retreats are thoughtfully curated, combining opportunities to:

  • Love where you live and get outdoors!: Our retreats all take place against the beautiful backdrop that is Mother Nature. Each retreat has activities tailored to the natural beauty of the area and seasonally-driven activities. Accommodations often include yurts, retreat centers, teepee camping, or rental properties.
  • Love your body and get active!: #PNWonderland is real. Each retreat combines a number of outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking, yoga, hot springs, and paddleboarding. We have a chef come along for the ride to create custom meal plans that allow you to eat healthfully, even in the woods.
  • Love yourself and celebrate confidently!: Each retreat includes an option to schedule a photo shoot with a professional photographer throughout the trip. These photo sessions are intended to serve you. Whether you seek a private session to build confidence in front of the camera; a creative shoot to celebrate a second use out of your wedding dress; or a fun opportunity to celebrate your love for adventure, we are here to make it happen.
      Photo courtesy of Jess Brown, Wilderwoman Media.

    Photo courtesy of Jess Brown, Wilderwoman Media.