The CAmpout


up to 25 Planning Meetings


It’s a family affair, so why not make the most of it? If you want to plan an epic weekend of activities for visiting friends and family to enjoy, we have your back. Let us set you up for success by sitting down the year prior to your big day to partner in the planning process, allocate your epic weekend extravaganza budget, co-create your event aesthetic, generate and assist with vendor selections, align on the timeline, create a supporting staff of humans to assist you, and create communication platforms to align everyone on the events of the day. We schedule monthly meetings with you to optimize your to do’s and ensure you enjoy the time you spend in the planning process together.

Our gift to you! This wedding guide includes every template you could possibly need to plan for your wedding day. Use our wisdom to guide you through budgeting, delegation of planning, guest list organization, vetting vendors, seating charts, photography shot lists, accommodations, and more. We sit down with you to walk through everything it includes so that you can stay organized during the planning process.

Planning Guide + coaching session

Where are our visual learners at? In an event built by creatives, your wedding vision comes to fruition with the guidance of a visual directive. We work with you to create a packet of mood boards for each of your 3 vendor categories to ensure your preferences are communicated and your ideas are well-represented. This guide is yours to use with any other wedding contributors to ensure everyone stays on the same page regarding the aesthetic of your day.

event design + Mood BOard

We combine your event and design preferences with our industry knowledge to secure all of your vendor categories for your event. Our team has a hand in the relationship from introduction to proposal, contract review to mock-up, and payment schedule to finalization. Allow us to do the groundwork on best fit options so you can spend quality time with one another in the year prior to your big day.

All vendor category recommendations

3 days (18 hours) of on-site coverage


We know from experience that weddings require time and practice to create the relaxed, organized sensation you want on your special day. We love being present from set-up to tear-down and everything in between. Our presence includes a 4 hour welcome party on Day 1; a 10 hour wedding day celebration on Day 2; and a 4 hour brunch on Day 3. We take charge of checking all your vendors in and out, handling payments and gratuities, and executing everything as planned.

Our team is talented and ready to rock. We love offering an extra set of hands so that your friends and family can truly be guests at your wedding. Our Day-of Assistants are here to help with set-up and tear-down, turn over spaces, maintain clean and safe celebration areas, as well as allow us to be three places at once so your event is executed seamlessly.

2 Day-of Assistants

An epic celebration requires flawless communication and we have the perfect tools to support you. We create custom communication booklets to make available to your guests prior to their arrival and during their stay. These guides eliminate the question marks hanging above heads by giving direction when it is needed and freedom to have fun when appropriate. We include a packing list, driving directions, schedule, maps, suggested activities, reminders to your key contributors, special requests to make the weekend work, and a note of gratitude to set the tone for the weekend’s activities.

Guest Communication Guide

Timeline + Task List

This is the master document that makes your event come to life. We create the game plan in partnership with you two, then disseminate it to your vendor team for feedback. It’s our job to take over communications on your behalf and update the plan the month before your wedding. Imagine us as the octopus that pulls all the moving parts of your day into one cohesive, tentacled dance.