This company is built to celebrate what you love with ease and abundance.


We are a wedding and elopement, event, and retreat company weaving more of what you love into your life. Our background is in creating special events for private business and nonprofit fundraisers. We have a passion for designing events that communicate beyond baseline expectations. We want your event to speak your personality because that is what you are loved for. Through our services we give you space to focus on enjoying your people, rather than absorbing your people in the logistics of the event.


Kate Faoro Wright

Founder + Owner /

I live a life to empower others to doubt their doubts, exceed their expectations, and expand their community. I was born, raised, and schooled in the Pacific Northwest. I grew up with a passion for athletics and created some of my fondest memories in the great outdoors. I love living where the mountains and ocean converge and cannot seem to leave my home for long.

My passion for logistics and experience in event management is rooted in my 5 years of yoga studio management and nonprofit event development. In the world of events, my job is to bring a balance and organization to what can oftentimes become a stressful and overwhelming process. I am here to amplify the things that matter when it comes to planning your event: what you hope to communicate, the feeling you want your guests to receive, and how you want your message to shine. I am also here to quiet the distractions and eliminate the busywork. I am here to make your celebration joyfully you.

We hired Kate for day-of coordination for our “casual lawn party and tacos” wedding at our home in Cle Elum...We consider ourselves DIY-ers, two laid back people that have background in hospitality and have thrown lots of parties for other people. We can def do this for ourselves, right? We felt that day-of coordination would be just enough to let us enjoy our day without breaking the bank.

We expected structure, organization and guidance to map out the day of the wedding as well as a point of contact (so we wouldn’t have to be) for vendors and guests. Did she meet our expectations? HELL YES! Kate not only typed up an extremely well thought out and organized day-of timeline, she gave us insight to things we would’ve never thought of and made the day so much easier because we did. She kept all of her appointments and followed through with promises and timelines. By the time our wedding day came, we felt so confident that we hadn’t forgotten a thing. Did I mention she is super down to earth and realistic? We just LOVE HER! When she was sending us down the aisle, she said “This is my favorite part!” and we were proud everything fell into place just as she had helped us plan.

We could not have done it without her. We wouldn’t have been able to enjoy ourselves at our own party at all. Our only recommendation is to let her take care of the whole process for you. Just do it. Let her take the work, headache and stress out of the whole situation and not only will she love it (she made sure to let us know that lots of times) she will make it so much more fun for you. This is your day, don’t forget that. Treat yourself to some Kate magic!

Other tidbits: I can’t even begin to list all the things she helped us with, but here are a few: Setting up alter, table decor (she has little things to make it look so nice!), Welcome sign (hand drawn, so beautiful!), flowery details here and there, got us the first tacos out of the truck so we could eat, smiled often, hugged often, guided guests who wanted to help set-up/tear-down and generally kept order so we could drink and be merry.
— Alianna + Alex

K's Boudoir Testimonial

August 2018

"The session absolutely exceeded my expectations - I wish I could've done it all day! I never thought the time would pass by so quickly and that I would enjoy it as much as I did, and the photos were of beautiful quality. The coordinator helped tie up any loose odds and ends, and everything was so smooth and orderly...The event coordinator was fun, happy, and so helpful. She helped me with my outfits, confidence, and addressing any snafus along the way (bobby pins, zipping up my bra top, accessorizing with my jewelry, and more!). I truly feel that this group was a dream team of women to work with, and I'm feeling so fortunate to have gotten to have this experience with them."

E's Boudoir Testimonial

August 2018

"I know Kate F. and she knows logistics like nobody else. She ensured all my questions were answered before the big day and was clearly as pumped to organize this as I was to attend it. The setting was absolutely gorgeous, and the cold brew coffee awaiting us was much appreciated. Everyone was there on time and gushing with ideas, outfit combos to try, and excitement for the day. I didn’t know anyone there except for Kate F., but we all immediately loosened up and morphed into girly mode while listening to throwback tunes—it felt like waking up from a sleepover with good friends. Kate F. cut off tags, folded my clothes, suggested outfit pairings, laughed at my jokes, and generally kept the positive energy flowing."