We are a wedding and elopement, event, retreat, and wellness company weaving more of what you love into your life. We have a passion for designing events that speak your personality and defy convention. We want to know who you are—your story, your ideas, your dreams, and your quirks—and build an event that celebrates the love that is present in your life.


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Hi, I’m Kate!

Founder + Owner / Yogi / ISFJ / Projector with Emotional Authority


Yoga is at the heart of everything I do. My ability to listen empathically, to build events and containers for humans to connect, and to lead with love and kindness, is derived from the time I’ve spent on my mat. It is through yoga that I discovered my ability to teach and guide humans through change, transition, and transformation. I love taking the work of svadhyaya (“self study”) and making it available for people who believe that celebrating the seasons of change in our lives can be a liberating experience, unconstrained by convention, tradition, or expectation.

I am here to amplify the personality and soul signature that makes your love unique, as well as quiet the voice of “would”, “should”, and convention. One of my favorite things about this work is being gifted the opportunity to observe the different ways that love shows up in our lives and celebrating the way that love shows up for you, with you. With a combination of clear intention and creative energy, I am here to make your celebration joyfully you.

Kate’s super power is the ability to bring ideas and people together to create unimaginable beauty, all while making each person feel heard and cared for.
— Angelene, Villanelle Floral Company