We create events that support women through all of life's beautiful chapters. When you're ready to declare your love and aren't sure where to start, we are here. When you crave a dose of the outdoors and need a step in the right direction, we are here. When you seek peace and love for the body you live in and need a source of self-care, we are here. We create soul-nourishing, community-building experiences that invite celebration and love into the fabric of your life.

WEDDINGS + Elopements

Gone are the days when every wedding or elopement looks the same, and thank goodness! We are passionate about illustrating and emphasizing what makes your story unique. With a meticulous eye for design and detail, careful partnership in the planning process, and skillful execution, we demystify the marriage celebration and curate your unique vision.


Wilderwomen is a an outdoor community of empowering women to get outdoors. We host monthly meet-ups, quarterly speaker shares, and a few keystone retreats throughout the year. Our activities are beginner-friendly and teach you different skills or show you new locations so you can develop confidence in the wild.

movement + body love

Ain’t No Body Like This Body is on a mission to ignite radical self-love. We create events that celebrate our bodies and capture our soul-shine. We ignite the practice of self-love and -celebration. We love connecting communities of women together who seek positive self-image and a culture of liberation from negative self-talk and body shame.